Verbal Communication

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Verbal Communication Paper

CJA 304

Mark A. Stuart

November 22nd 2010

Heather Arambarri

University of Phoenix

Verbal communication and nonverbal communication can have both a negative and positive effect on communication within law enforcement officers making public announcement to the press. Law enforcement academies do not teach techniques of communication to officers going through training even with the prominence of communication in everyday functions. Police officers are held at a higher standard than ordinary citizens but are still humans and have the same problems like ordinary citizens. The transfer of an idea from one location to another can be a challenging task for an officer especially if he or she have to
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Verbal and nonverbal communication can affect communication in correction facility in significant way. Correctional officials must know how to communicate verbally in an effective and respectful manner failure to do this can result in injury to self or a fellow officer. Employees must know how to communicate with one another to enforce discipline with inmates, they must be on the same page and work as a single unit. Correction officers must know what is going on in the facility at all times if an inmate is coming to the prison who is a high risk individual this information must be communicated down to each employee’s.
Moreover, communication with inmates is important this can be a security benefit knowing what to say and how to say it will either earn an officer respect or he or she will not be respected. Poor verbal communication in a correction facility can lead to physical confrontation with officers, which can lead to a riot and both inmates and officers injured. After an incident has occurred in a correction facility verbal communication becomes significant additional charges will be added to inmates involve and information must be documented accurately.
Nonverbal communication in correction facility among employees, peers, and inmates have an alert affect with communication. The body language of inmates can give correction officers a head start to be prepared for a pending event (Barnhart, T, 2008). It is important to master nonverbal


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