Cigarette Ad Essay

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Smoking Your Health Away

Puff, puff, puff . . . ummm the cool fresh taste of smoke in your lungs. Doesn't that taste good??? Well, depending to whom you talk to, a variety of answers are possible. It is interesting though, that we, as a society, actually are still deceived into believing the false promises of happiness and bliss from smoking cigarettes. In our society people still deny and forget the fact that smoking causes lung cancer and directly kills over a million people every year, and that is just what tobacco advertisement departments would like to have you forget. Nowadays, advertising has become a major part of American society today. Everywhere you go there is advertising to be seen and absorbed by the consumer
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The funny thing about the warning, though, is that it has to be the least dreadful of all the warnings. Its main focus is on pregnant women, which is probably a small minority of the people viewing the advertisement.

Finally, the words in the advertisement are strategically placed in the center of the top part of the page. "Camel" is noticeably larger than all the other words and is the emphasis of the whole ad. Underneath "Camel" are the words "Pleasure To Burn" which relate to the fact that the company wants people to believe that it is actually fun and relaxing to smoke cigarettes.

In contrast to the Camel cigarettes, the Laramie Company displays its Newport cigarettes as an exhilarating and exciting cigarette that is not to be smoked alone. In their advertisement, a striking man and his stunning girlfriend are having the time of their lives dancing at a party. They both have great smiles and are dressed to impress. It is also interesting to note that the girl in the ad is staring right out towards the viewer enticing him/her to have a cigarette and join the party. Also, the background of the advertisement is purposely blurred so as to better showcase the main part of the ad, the couple and their love of cigarettes.

That same marketing scheme is seen again as we look closer and find the trademark green color of the Newport cigarettes. Its seductive glow entices the consumer to crave the cool


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