Jan & Ken: Managing Conflict in Relationships

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Jan & Ken: Managing Conflict in Relationships
Unit 9 Assignment
Marie Holloway
Kaplan University

Author Note:
This research is being submitted on March 11, 2014 for Mark Lambertson’s
CM206 Interpersonal Communications course.

Q #1: Using the chapters on language and emotions to help frame your answer, suggest two ways that Ken could open this conversation more productively, beyond clearly expressing his emotions and using “I” language. Ken could have used language that promotes cooperation and mutual respect. ”Jan, we’ve been friends for a long time and I’d like to discuss a situation before it interferes with our relationship.” or “ Jan, there’s a problem in our friendship that we need to
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243). This will allow both Ken and Jan to relax and become more open toward the conflict and achieve a good outcome.

Q #6: Review the eight conflict-management skills discussed in the text. Identify three examples of these skills in the dialogue between Jan and Ken. It’s my understanding that Jan tried to take responsibility for her thoughts, feelings and the issue at hand (Wood, 2013, P. 239) by the response, “ I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to tell her, it just kind of slipped out” (Cengage Learning, Jan and Ken). In using this statement she also looked for a way to preserve the others’ face because she had accepted his point of the agreement (Wood, 2013, P. 240). Ken, while focused on the content level of meaning, intended to attend to the relationship level of meaning (Wood, 2013, P. 238) by these statements, “ Jan, we need to talk.” and “ I thought I could trust you and tell you anything.” (Cengage Learning, Jan and Ken).
Q #7: Identify three places in the dialogue where Jan and Ken missed opportunities to manage conflict successfully. Give specific suggestions (supported by the text material) on how the conflict management strategies could have been incorporated to improve the interaction. Ken began with, “ Jan, we need to talk. Why did you tell Shannon about what happened between Katie and me?” (Cengage Learning, Jan and Ken). He could have approached her with, “ Jan, can we talk? I feel as if I have been betrayed by your actions and I