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The Use of Non-verbal Communication CMN 2132Y

Non-Verbal Communication

Natalie Montgomery

Junhao Huo 6280990 2015.08.06

Non-verbal communication, means is how people can send and receive messages withthrough wordless cues. In other words, non-verbal communication means that people can talk to each other without actually talking. This includesIt concludes numerous behaviours, for examples, body language, touch, voice, eye movement, behaviors and facial expressions. Indeed, non-verbal communication contains almost all the methods to expressing feelings and emotions without talking;. Hhowever, how do weto explain that why
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Then the professor handed out the game instructions to each table and asked every person to read the rules carefully. At this point, I do not remember the exact rules of the game clearly, but throughout the industriously researching by my memory and the game- played videos, the basic rules of the game werewas clear: each table must haves one photographer;, when the game begins, the first player shows one card, then the following people must show a card of the same suit but higherbigger than the first person’s card with same color and suit until nobody no one has anyhas cards that meetaccord with the game rule;, the last person to play a card wins and that person will acquires all the cards. For example, if the first card is the three of spades, the second card should must be the four of spades or higher or bigger of spade. At the end of the round, the person who have the most cards, the person will be the winner and the loser will be the person who have least cards. Then the winner of the round will goes to the next table and the loser will go to the previous table to restart another round of the game.

However, things did went not go as easily and fluentlcy as the game rule. At least in Block C, the rounds were completely messy, which was . And that was exactly why the strange,