Unit 3 M2 D1

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P3) Carry out a risk assessment in a health or social care setting.
M2) Assess the hazards identified in the health or social care setting.
D1) Make recommendations in relation to the identified hazards to minimise the risks to the service user.

For the purpose of this essay I went to the local mall to observe what hazards there are. I am going to assess the hazards that I identified in this setting and I am going to make some recommendations in relation to the identified hazards to minimise the risk to the service users. According to Excalibur Solicitors ‘There are some common shopping centre accidents that can include the slip accident in the shopping centre at the place where the floor was left wet after being mopped
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I put this down as a 3/3 for severity and a 2/3 for likelihood. Making the risk a 6/9. There are some signs warning of the hazard caused by the escalators, however they are not very big or easy to spot. In 2009 6 people and their entire luggage fell down an escalator in the south terminal of Gatwick airport. Another example that shows the danger that escalators can cause, in Croydon a lady fell on the escalators on top of an elderly lady, knocking several people over. Professional Pilots, 2002. In order to reduce the risk of children tripping on the escalators there could be signs around the area advising carer that it may be safer to use the lift if accompanied with young children. An alternative they could look at is adding lower hand rails for children to hold onto, as well the higher one for adults. According to Google Answers around 30 people are killed by escalators each year and around 171,000 people are injured by escalators each year. This would help the child to support themselves whilst travelling on the escalator, making less chance of them falling. Also if the depth of the escalator stairs was reduced, this would make it easier for the children to step onto as some adults may also have trouble with the height of the steps, this recommendation would benefit everyone. If this control was put into place I think that many more adults wouldn’t be as worried


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