Unit 21: P3, M2, D1

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Unit 21: task 3: P3, M2, D1

In this assignment I will be choosing and describing a service user for my case study and I’m going to explain how some factors such as medical disorders, life style and many more may have influenced their dietary intake. Due to the data protection I will not be using their real name.

Service user’s history

Aisha Ismail is 35 years old. She is a British African and has been brought up by her grandmother and now she’s living with her husband and 3 children. She is a Muslim and lives in New Parks Leicester. Aisha’s a wife and a house wife. She is not able to go to work due to her sickle cell disorder.
Aisha was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. This was due to her unhealthy diets of junk
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I would also recommend that she start exercising more so that she can burn all the calories and also so that she can become active and healthy. She could do this also by involving her family as they would motivate her and she would be teaching her children how to keep fit and lose weight.

Personal preference

P3: Aisha always does and eats what she wants no matter what her husband advice her to do. She might listen, but she usually finds it hard to follow what others tell her and so she needs to put it in her head that if she believe that something is bad for her, she will then stop as it would be her decision. She loves to eat chocolates and crisps and when she goes shopping with her husband, the husband always try and reduce the amount of sweet stuff they buy. Everyone has likes and dislikes with food. In Aisha’s case and other people too, healthy foods aren’t within their liked section. Aisha prefers her cakes, chocolates, biscuits and coca cola. Although that she is trying to cut down, she does not drink any water all throughout the day; she does not eat any salad or have a healthy snack.

M2: With the decisions that she makes over what food she eats would contribute to the increase in weight and blood pressure and so this could lead to being unable to participate in certain activities such as walking. She might feel pain when she tries to walk. This is hard for her to not be influence because just near her house there is


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