Working in Business Portfolio

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Working In Business


Context Introduction p3 Section 1 – Intrapersonal effectiveness p4-5 Section 2 – Interpersonal effectiveness p6-7 Section 3 – organisational effectiveness p8-9 Conclusion p10 References p11

Introduction In working in business subject BSB 124, it aim to develop an understanding of the skills require to work effectively in a professional business environment. Analyse area of personal and professional development. In this portfolio, i am re-assess and reflect upon what skills that I have develop from the learning and interact within my group presentations. But also discuss about
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Relationship conflict in the group due to differences in a personal values, individuals’ styles, personality. Also task satisfactions and performance will decrease in group performance during tasks due to conflict increases. During the group presentation I was presenting on statics and figures of why using personality test can help companies to reduce money or make money. My input to the group presentation was average, minimum contributions, but I did put forward my weakness before when the group was formed with information on what my abilities are and my intention on studies. But with collaborating, compromising each other, I think we did well on the presentation and achieve the outcome as we were predicting on the first time we formed together. Well, I believe that conflict will always live in our lives, no matter what kind of situations we are in. My approach to the Dutch conflict test for handling was it scores me a high on resolving conflicts. My own personal view is that when conflict rises there is always two side of the story, listen, gather all the information, make a decision then resolve the conflict. We all know that if conflict is not deal well, it can be escalate into more seriousness then resolving it, the best way is to resolved as quick as you can and in a manner of you are there to resolving the problem not telling others that you are right and not


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