Triple Constraint

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Abi Asmerom

Triple Constraint

What is the Triple Constraint? The triple constraint of project management is the balance of the project’s scope, time and cost. Triple constraint is used to determine whether or not a project’s objectives are being met. During the planning phase of a project, a project manager will define the scope, time, and cost of a project. As the planning phase continues, the project manager discovers that there may be some changes or adjustments needed in the project’s scope, time and/or cost. When one aspect needs change or adjustment, then it directly affects one of the other factors of the triple constraint. For example, if the cost increases, it is logical to assume that the scope and time
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The client’s expectations may be unrealistic or the project may have too many components to be completed in a timely fashion. It’s up the project manager to determine how long the project should take based on the various elements of what needs to be done to complete the project. Once a proper deadline and timeline is established and agreed upon, it must be determined who can make and approve changes to the schedule. Ultimately the client is the one who can approve changes to the schedule, as it is their product, financing and deadlines that must be adhered to. A mechanism must be put in place to track the timing of the project as well in order to assess if the project is progressing on schedule. With a clear definition of project activities, the project manager can assess a schedule and deadline for each activity. Accurate estimation is integral and effective tools are necessary used to track progress. We can provide accurate estimations by using references and professional contacts who can vouch for the amount of time needed for identical project activities.
The cost constraint involves the cost of any and all resources needed to complete all tasks and activities involved in the project. Mainly, it is the budgeted amount of funds available for the completion of the project. To fully appreciate the cost constraint, a project manager must first estimate the costs of


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