Child Study Paper

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Child Develop. 10
17 April 2009
Child Study
The Child Study data I have gathered comes from the observation I have completed at Mission Bell Elementary School. Mission Bell Elementary School is a local school in Riverside. In the P.M preschool class there are 24 students, one teacher, and one assistant. The child I decided to observe is names Zoe. Zoe is 4 years and 10 months old. I immediately was drawn to Zoe because she had such a big personality, was very social, and smart. I am glad that I choose to observe Zoe because she was able to make my observation process smooth and easy. While observing her I had to pay close attention to her biosocial development, motor skills, cognitive skills, communication skills,
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This whole make believe shows how far Zoe’s Cognitive skills have developed. She is able to take something she see and act it out and think about the order in which she acts out each piece. Zoe has knowledge of classification and seriation along with her representation skills. Zoe shows that she is capable of classifying objects as well as putting them in sequence. She shows evidence of classification during clean up time. When it is time to clean up each toy has its own space and toys that are a like go into spaces next to each other. Zoe is able to identify objects and according to the likely ness of one to the other she can tell weather or not the go in the same area. For example Zoe is able to identify that the blocks and the Lego’s go into the same area but that they are different. She is also able to recognize that the entire book are books but able to classify them according to their size. She put away all the big books on one side of the bookshelf where they belong and all of the smaller books on the oppsite side where they belong. Zoe also knows sequence of numbers. She shows this when she is called up to be the calendar girl for the day. Zoe takes down all the numbers from one to 15 off of the calendar. Then one by one puts them back up in sequence. She also recognizes the patter of the numbers. Each number is written on an insect. As she puts up the


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