APES Ch 1 Study Guide

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Unit 1: Introduction to Environmental Science & Sustainability
Reading Questions 1A
Opening Story: The Mysterious Neuse River Fish Kill
Environmental science offers important insights into our world and how we influence it.
Humans alter natural systems.
Environmental scientists monitor natural systems for signs of stress.

1. What happened in the Neuse River, and how did it affect the local population & economy?

2. What is the importance of studying systems in environmental science? Why can’t we just study isolated events or isolated individuals?

3. Environmental Science is interdisciplinary, in that it includes life sciences, natural sciences, and social sciences to study the interactions of living, nonliving and
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7. What is the difference between natural capital, human capital, and manufactured capital? Which one(s) do you think are most important to economic growth?

8. Why is valuation important in measuring and monitoring natural capital and ecological services?
9. How can ecological economics help us determine what major characteristics a sustainable economic system must have? How does our current system compare?

10. How can a “cradle-to-cradle” model of economic production help society achieve sustainability?

11. Free markets have enabled incredible economic growth for much of the world over the past few centuries. However, there are many critiques saying that they do not actually produce the best outcomes for everyone. Explain these critiques and to what extent you agree with them.

12. Complete the following chart regarding ecosystem services:

Definition of these Ecoservices
Why are they important?


Regulating Services

Support Systems


Cultural Services

Reading Questions 20B
Agencies, laws and regulations are designed to protect our natural and human capital.
There are several approaches to measuring and achieving sustainability.
Two major challenges of our time are reducing poverty and stewarding the environment.
Working Toward Sustainability: Reuse-A-Sneaker

1. What are the 3 major environmental worldviews, and what does each prioritize?
2. 3.


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