Reflective Report on Group Work

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Reflection on group work Project

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In this case, each member of the group was asked to reflect on the group work on their own which might bring more benefit as an individual.

My Role in the Group

According to Culliname, J.(2007, p.566), a leader “aim to influence and guide others into pursuing particular objectives or visions of the future and to stimulate them into waiting to follow”. A project director has the same principle of leader in the sense of being able to conduct tasks successfully, maintaining teamwork and have a democratic participation leadership on the project. At the outset, as the project director I felt that I would fit into the role easily and would be able to distribute different roles to each member of the group. However, I was on a steep learning curve where I would find out that as group leader not only are you expected to have your own ideas to pitch to the group, but you are expected to salvage the group when an idea goes horribly wrong and the group then turns to you for guidance and a solution of how to rectify such problems. Not only was the actual academic side of the group a shock, but the outside organisation of the group proved to be tough as well. Trying to pin down each member of the group to turn up at a particular time at a particular place was a whole other project in itself as of course each member had other work pieces to deal with at the same time, which needed the same amount of due care and attention as


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