The Orion Shield Project Analysis

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The Orion Shield Project: Doomed from the Get-Go

Executive Summary
“Projects account for about one fourth of the U.S. and the world’s gross domestic product” (Schwalbe 2012). With that said, there are many challenges and issues that hinder the ultimate success or completion of a project. So is evident in the case of the Orion Shield Project, whose execution faced issues of technical, ethical, legal, contractual and interpersonal natures. Taking on a role that assumes responsibilities in stark contrast to newly appointed project manager Gary Allison’s professional background and experience doomed the project from the start. Not only did Gary not have the experience, he failed to research and prepare himself, prior to the project’s
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Tools and techniques such as Gantt charts, flow charts, and project network diagrams are often utilized by successful projects. These tools allow for progressive talking points and goal visualizations necessary to propel a project forward. In execution, Mr. Allison failed miserably. Every decision made was an impulsive, emergency response founded on no substantial consideration or collaboration amongst team members and stakeholders alike. By relinquishing all administrative duties associated with the project, a lack of uniformity and data-share was vividly apparent. Gary ran over budget not once, but twice during the duration of this project, causing his corporate heads to shell out large additional sums of money unanticipated at the project’s inception. The monitoring and controlling process was also lost to Mr. Allison. Business operation protocol was not followed such as providing relevant and necessary materials to expected meeting attendees between SEC and Space Technology. Also, when it came to present their findings and material, he only showed for his technical portion of the review while forgoing being in attendance for the administrative portion. With the ultimate responsibility of the project on Gary’s shoulders, one would think he would concern himself more readily with all aspects and functions of the project’s life. By failing to communicate substantial findings attributed to the diminished lifespan of the shield with his co-workers and superiors,


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