H&M, Marketing Oriented

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1. To what extent is H&M marketing orientated? What evidence is there in the case to support your view? [40%]
As defined by (Narver.J.C. & Slater, 1990) market orientation is an organisational culture that most effective and efficient in creating necessary behaviours for superior value offering it has for buyers and, thus, resulting in continuous superior performance for business.
Market orientation is when a company organizes its activities, products and services around the wants and needs of its customers. From the case study, there are evidence that H&M follows marketing orientation strategies and embodies the market oriented characteristics of a company.
In the case of H&M it can be seen that the organization
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This as well as incorporating limited edition sell-outs by luxury line Chanel’s designer such as ‘Karl Lagerfeld’ which has provided much hype in the media and public to maintain interest and publicity through word-of-mouth with their effective awareness marketing campaigns. These endorsements in turn lets the customers feel that they are in tune with the current preferences and tastes with a touch of haute couture, yet still accessible to consumers at affordable prices – embodying the epitome of bringing premium quality at great value.
In terms of branding and image, H&M’s store has been decorated to create a feeling of youth and vibrancy. Once in the store, the customer is surrounded by young energetic staffs with fashionable decorations from ceiling to floor displays of attractive models fronting their marketing campaigns. Energetic pop thumping music is piped throughout the store to match what their other competitors have created to attract customers allow its fashionable customer an overall superior experiences in alignment to what is currently trending in meeting and create a holistic customer experience for one to associate positively with.
They have with recent times in Aug 2013 began chasing after the market share by launching its own online shopping website on US, the world’s largest online marketplace (Economist, 2012), where their products as commented to also be very well received


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