Traits, Behaviors, and Relationships

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The Trait Approach Behavior Approaches Individualized Leadership
In the Lead
Jeff Immelt, General Electric
Stephen McDonnell, Applegate Farms
Colonel Joe D. Dowdy and Major General James Mattis, United States Marine Corps
TruServe and North Jackson Elementary School
University Public Schools
Leader’s Self-Insight Rate Your Self-Confidence What’s Your Leadership Orientation?
Your “LMX” Relationship
Leader’s Bookshelf
Know-How: The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform From Those Who Don’t Leadership at Work Your Ideal Leader Traits
Leadership Development: Cases for Analysis Consolidated Products D. L. Woodside, Sunshine Snacks
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Robert Swan led a team to the North Pole and ice cap began to melt beneath their feet. Swan’s carefully-planned expedition, made up of eight people from seven countries, became a nightmare when the ice cap began to melt in April-four months earlier than usual. The group survived barely because of teamwork and Swan’s extraordinary leadership. Swan’s honesty, as well as his ability to maintain his poise, self-confidence, and sense of purpose amid life-threatening and constantly changing conditions, helped to nourish the spirit and motivation of the team. With the completion of the journey, Swan became the first person ever to walk to both the North and South Poles. Today, he recounts his adventures to the world, including business people hungry to learn what it means to be a leader in a dangerous and hostile world.

Leadership Challenge #1: To identify personal traits and characteristics that are associated with effective leaders.

The Trait Approach

Exhibit 2.1: Personal Characteristics of Leaders

¬ Do you think some people are born with traits that make them natural leaders?

Early efforts understand leadership success


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