Ted Bundy Psychobiography

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Ted Bundy

Though it could be argued that Ted Bundy’s characteristics could fall into that of other psychopath classification systems, this well-known serial killer exhibited many of the traits that Robert Hare outlined in his Psychopathy checklist. This paper will provide an overview of Bundy’s characteristics applicable to Robert Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R). Taking the two factors of the PCL-R interpersonal traits and antisocial behavior respectively this paper will unpack certain events in Ted Bundy’s life that were contributing factors to his career as a sexual serial killer.

Prior to his career as a serial killer, a factor 2 trait from the PCL-R,
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His knowledge of the legal system, methodical crime location plotting, never leaving a fingerprint at the crime scene and his ability to transform his appearance easily allowed him to evade capture for a long period of time. Even his initial capture would never have occurred if not for a routine spot check while he was on the road.

Bundy escaped from prison twice after his initial capture. Both attempts were calculated examples of his extreme cunning. Following his initial arrest, having exercised his right to represent himself in court, he studied his case in the courtroom library. He escaped through an open window the library. Later police found evidence that showed he had planned this method of escape all along starting with losing weight to enable escape through a tight spot. His second escape was a more elaborate plot involving a detailed escape route using a hacksaw blade smuggled into the prison and a five hundred dollars worth of bribery money. After this second escape Bundy relocated using stolen vehicles, watched news reports of his crimes on stolen televisions while planning and carrying out several more sadistic murders in the state of Florida. These are examples of his cunning nature and also his criminal versatility and interpersonal and general traits respectively under Hare’s psychopathy checklist (Rule, 2009, p188). Following his capture a third time, Bundy tried to escape