Multiple Choice Questions for Leadership Management

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Test Bank

Description of the Test Bank

This test bank consists of 300 multiple-choice items grouped by chapter and topic. Most of the items were selected from the test bank used with the prior edition of the book, but some are new and some are revisions of earlier items. The test items measure specific knowledge about the concepts, theories, research findings, and action guidelines in this edition of the book. Most items deal with major concepts and issues rather than with trivial or obscure points. However, the items are not intended to measure the ability to evaluate, synthesize, or integrate the material. To assess this type of knowledge, it is necessary to supplement the objective exams with other measures such as essay exams
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de-emphasized both rational and emotional processes

10. What level of leadership processes is emphasized in most theories of effective leadership?

a. intra-individual b. dyadic c. group d. organizational

11. Most leadership theories emphasize:

a. leader characteristics b. follower characteristics c. both leader and follower characteristics d. characteristics of the leadership situation

12. A theory that identifies the essential behaviors for any type of leader is best classified as:

a. descriptive and universal b. prescriptive and universal c. descriptive and situational d. prescriptive and situational

13. A theory that emphasizes leader traits and skills as determinants of leadership behavior is best categorized at what level?

a. individual b. dyadic c. group d. organizational
14. A theory that explains why the most common pattern of leadership behavior in a specified situation is the most effective one would best be classified as:

a. descriptive b. prescriptive c. descriptive and prescriptive d. useless

15. A theory that describes how changes by top management in the structure and culture of an organization affect the behavior of employees is best described as a:

a. prescriptive theory b. hierarchical theory c. multi-level theory d. complexity theory

Chapter 2: Managerial Traits and Skills

1. What is the best conclusion about the traits of managers?

a. a leader who is


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