Jenny from Forrest Gump Personality Trait Analysis

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The relationship between Jenny and Forrest is initially looked at as Forrest’s savior, but Jenny also saw it as a way to escape her father when they were children, then later giving Forrest the role of safety net. He was always there when Jenny needed someone to lean on. She cares for Forrest very much and while she is kindhearted, she has also shown how selfish and self-destructing she is. By the end of her life she redeems herself by fulfilling Forrest’s dream to marry her while simultaneously leaving her son with his father to be taken care of.
We first meet Jenny when she altruistically offers Forrest the seat next to her on the bus when all the other children said “this seat’s taken.” After that Jenny and Forrest became best
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Upon arriving at her apartment, she tells Forrest how she kept up with all the articles about his running escapades and they catch up. During the visit, Jenny’s son is dropped off by the sitter and Forrest finds out that he is the child’s father and given the same name. Jenny tells Forrest she is sick and dying so Forrest takes her and little Forrest back to Greenbow with him. Shortly after settling in, Jenny asks Forrest to marry her and he agrees. They are a happy family for a few months before Jenny passes away, leaving Forrest to take care of Forrest Jr.
“Traits contribute substantially to many important outcomes such as academic performance, occupational attainment, divorce, life satisfaction, subjective well-being, physical illness, and longevity” (Kotov, et al., 2010, p. 770). Applying Jenny’s personality with the more tangibly measurable trait theory and the different factor models of Eysenck, Cattell, and McCrae & Costa we see that she is an extrovert (i.e. outgoing and sociable). She has no problem engaging in conversations with new people – allowing Forrest to sit with her, meeting and greeting his friends at their wedding, and as a waitress you interact with customers; she is not afraid to be in large crowds – the public speech in Washington, D.C., the Black Panthers party, getting on the bus full of hippies; and she has no qualms being in the spotlight – singing and playing guitar naked on stage and jumping into the