Action Plan: How to Become a Master Manager

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Action Plan: How to become a Master Manager?

1. Describe the learning goals you defined for the Management Skills course and explain the reasoning of each goal.

I want to be more persuasive powerful communicator and defend my point of view in a clear understandable way.
To my mind communication is one of the main parts of people’s everyday life. It is even more important to know how to talk to different people if you work in the team or lead the organization.
As for me powerful communicator is the one who listens to others, substantiates her point of view clearly and in understandable way, gives good examples of what she is talking about, has a good background knowledge on the topic, is confident and uses also body language and other
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Otherwise if nobody in the team knows what are they required to do, you will never get a good result at the end of the project unless there will be another person in the team willing to fulfill these Director’s tasks.
When working with the team it is also necessary to be the Facilitator. When working on the project, relationships within the team are very important. That’s why it is necessary to find resolutions to the conflicts when they occur. Then the team will work in pleasant and respectful atmosphere as one unit. Facilitator obtains input and involvement of people to the group work and group decision-making. This creates a basis for the productive and effective work.

4. What are your strengths and weaknesses with regard to this profile?

I think I always can clearly define the objectives and explain what is required from others in order to get them. But the problem is when I divide the tasks I always tend to take the biggest part of the tasks and then either I can’t finish them in time or I don’t sleep the whole night to finish the job. So, I need to learn how to delegate the tasks effectively.
I think I can easily understand others and that’s good for the teamwork. But here the pitfall is going along with the strength. If other people see that you are empathic and responsible, then they can use this against you to manipulate you. So that’s necessary


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