Comparison Matrix Paper

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Comparison Matrix Paper
Nadia Bhatti
Grand Canyon University
PSY 801
Dr. Nelson
September 17, 2014

Comparison Matrix Paper
This paper compares three studies on workplace bullying. The studies were conducted because workplace bullying is an epidemic that needs to be addressed and it needs to be understood to help future organizations prevent workplace bullying. Article one” "Individual and situational predictors of the workplace bullying: why do perpetrators engage in the harassment of others" (Hauge, Skogstad & Einarsen, 2009). Authors: Lars Johan Hauge, Anders Skogstad, & Stale Einarsen. Article two: " does trait anger, trait anxiety, or organisational position moderate the relationship between
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Researchers indicated that the most influential factor was being exposed weekly to workplace bullying can in turn create people to bully others (Hague et al., 2009). Researcher stated that males were more likely to engage in perpetrator like behaviors than women. Overall, researchers concluded that the strongest predictor(s) of workplace bullying was role conflict and interpersonal conflict and workplace bullying thrives in stressful and hostile work environments.
In article two: researchers indicated that exposure to bullying in the workplace is common, and at least 6% of employees stated that they were exposed weekly to negative acts and 17% of people label themselves victims (Vie et al., 2010). The results of this study indicated that personality traits are looked as independent predictors of self- labeling (Vie et al., 2010).
People who have traits of anger and anxiety are more inclined to experience some form of bullying. Therefore, the study concluded that personality traits do have an influence on the whether a person will self-label. However, researchers believe that further studies need to be conducted in order to understand fully if personality traits do, in fact, affect workplace bullying.
Onorato (2013) indicated that there is a strong correlation to unethical leadership and bullying. The study showed people who worked in the academic community had fewer occurrences of workplace bullying in comparison to other professions.


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