To Organize or Not to Organize

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Running head: Organize
To Organize or Not to Organize
Kim McFerrin
Professor Morgan
HRM 534
January 26, 2013

In 1902, Target’s founder George Dayton opened his first store Dayton Dry Goods Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The residents in this community could expect dependable merchandise, fair business practices and a generous spirit of giving from their new store. Mr. Dayton shaped his new store around his personal principals and humanitarian spirit. By 1960, Mr. Dayton entered into mass-market discount and on May 1, 1962 “Tar-zhay” as it’s known by shoppers like me, was born in the twin cities Roseville. Target’s 75 departments would offer customers the best fashions, discounts, quality, prices, and a
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Purpose: Empower and mobilize the voices of all Target team-members within their workplace.
Objective: Target committee members will outline the significant workplace concerns, explore and evaluate the interest among team-members to create a union with the help of a United Food and Commercial Worker’s organizer.
Target’s committee members will need to follow the UFCW’s four stages in their efforts to start a union. First, the members must talk with team-members, identify their concerns, and collect information about the workplace, job titles, names, addresses and phone numbers. This information will help the members and the UFCW organizer evaluate whether to move forward. The majority of team-members must be concerned about significant issues, support a union and committed to work diligently. Second, the committee members will outline their vision; create their mission, purpose and objective for the union. The members will also declare their support and receive training. Members will learn how to communicate with and educate other team-members; provide leadership; collect team-member information; talk one-on-one with team-members about the union; and provide assessment of their team-members support. Third, committee members will speak openly with other team-members, evaluate


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