Safeguarding Adults

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In this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of safeguarding adults. You will describe different types of abuse, the signs and symptoms associated with them and what to do if you are aware of or suspect an individual has been abused or you note unsafe practice. You will research failings in care services and explore how best practice can help to keep individuals safe. You will also identify the range of people who may be involved with safeguarding, along with the policies and procedures that govern best safeguarding practice.


There are three tasks to this assignment.

A Booklet

B Research and account

C Short answer questions

This is a summary of the
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Non contact can be forcing an individual to watch pornographic entertainment or subjecting an individual to indecent exposure, sexual innuendoes, harassment, and not giving choice regarding the gender of the carer giving personal care.

Signs and symptoms include; Anxiety and fear of physical contact
Injury, bleeding, irritation or infection of the genital area
Sexually transmitted disease
Bruising, bites, scratches on the breast or inner thigh
Unexplained crying or distress
Acute confusion
Torn clothes
Self harm
Self neglect

Emotional abuse- Any action by another that damages an individuals mental well being. The use of threat humiliation bullying swearing and other verbal conduct or any form of mental cruelty that results in mental distress.

Signs and symptoms include; Changes in appetite
Changes in sleep pattern
Attention seeking behaviour
Self isolation
Unusual weight gain or loss
Sadness or uncontrollable crying
Self abuse or self harm
Withdrawal and disinterest
Unexplained fearfulness or anxiety, especially about being alone or with particular people
Low self esteem
Lack of self confidence

Financial abuse- This is the theft or misuse of an individuals money or personal possessions to the advantage of another person.

Signs and symptoms include;
Sudden unexplained inability to pay bills
Unpaid bills resulting in utilities being discontinued
A reluctance to


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