Case Study and Student Analysis

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Case Study for Student Analysis Kathleen Colon University of Phoenix COMM/215 April 27, 2010

Case Study for Student Analysis

In my case study, I plan to research and analyze the leadership and recruitment position of Carl Robbins of ABC Inc. Though Carl Robbins has led a successful position, he has become aware of certain problems while recruiting his new hires. This case study will contain the root of the problems and solutions that will help maintain successful recruitments. To explain better the position of recruiter people must understand the definitions of this and the problems arising within the job. A campus recruiter requires business perspective, expertise, and ability to find and
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Some problem- solving skills Carl can use include: setting goals for his project, developing a plan, define priorities, and organize properly (Hoboken, 2002). Using the correct skills will allow Carl to organize and execute a problem free recruitment. Possible solutions are as followed:
Missing Files/Transcripts Files and transcripts need to be put away correctly. By paying attention to filing such as making sure papers do not stick together or names are in alphabetic order will result in correct filing. Overlooking important factors in filing can result in lost files and can delay the process in hiring new employees.

Incomplete Applications Carl must make sure every application is complete before the applicant leaves. By looking over the application and discussing it with the applicant allows Carl and the applicant to be sure the application process is complete. If there are any incomplete applications, Carl should contact the applicants to come into the office and complete the missing paperwork.
Drug Screens Not Scheduled Carl should review each drug screen form and make sure they are complete. Carl should explain this process and explain the importance of drug screening to the applicants. He should also schedule appointments with the laboratory so the applicants are sure to comply. This will avoid the delay in the hiring process. Carl should call in any applicants


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