Frontier Printers Case

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Problem Statement
Frontier Printers is lacking strategic human resource objectives that are necessary to address the organizational growth and incorporate changing technological trends. As a result they are at risk of not being able to attract/retain valuable employees and could face potential legal litigation.
Critical Facts
Frontier Printers is a small-family business and has seen a 50% growth in the number of employees in the last three years. The departure of the press operator and the driver was attributed to a lack of opportunities for growth within the company. The firm plans on focusing on computer skills and cross-training. In the next two years the firm plans on integrating vertically by introducing new equipment that’ll allow
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This is a major issue because terminated employees may sue on the grounds of wrongful dismissal. In order for an accurate evaluation to take place, there needs to be pre-established criteria and organizational objectives which can be compared to the performance and productivity of an employee. These are currently lacking in Frontier Printers and needs to be addressed.
It is evident that when Frontier Printers was a smaller company a proper job analysis was not critical to the operations of the business. However, with a growing company this lack of job analysis can cause negative results regarding HR issues as it does today. The growing employee base is making it a necessity for Frontier Printers to implement human resource objectives in order to best resolve problematic issues from occurring.
Need for Human Resource Expertise Frontier Printers has no strategic management objectives and needs to bring in some HR expertise to help them to create and implement these. Bonnie’s father Randall has been owner of Frontier Printers for over 60 years. In the last three years they have experienced 50% growth in employees and revenues are growing at projected rates. Bonnie has known for the last year that changes were needed but knows the company can’t afford to hire a full-time human resource professional. In order for Frontier Printers to address the organizational growth and


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