Executive Plan of Top Quality Lighting Products Provider Atha

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Title: Atha Executive Plan
Human Resource Department
Accounting and Finance Department
Stephen Nystrom
Professor Gotches
Winter Quarter
BUS 3011

Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary pages 3 - 4 2. Description of the Functional Area and Purpose Statement pages 4 - 6

A. Human Resource Area pages 4 - 5 B. Accounting and Finance Area pages 5 - 6

3. Goals and Activities
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The Human Resource Department is responsible to develop programs designed to bring the employees, managers and teams of all departments together as one unified company of employees with the same goals. Managers “have three characteristics: goals, people, and a deliberate structure” (Robbins, S. P., DeCenzo, D. A., & Coulter, M. K. 2013, pg.18). The Human Resource department is responsible to work with all departments and ensure those departments have the people and training necessary to achieve the company goals. Purpose Statement -
The purpose of the Human Resource Department is to recruit, hire, train and develop all Atha employees in accordance to state and federal regulations. Our goal is to create a cohesive employment environment, which will retain employees as they develop in their skills and knowledge. Achievement of these goals will ensure Atha reaches its goal of doubling sales in the next fiscal year. “There are four reasons why managers should plan: (1) it establishes coordinated efforts; (2) it reduces uncertainty; (3) it reduces overlapping and wasteful activities; and (4) it establishes the goals or standards that are used in controlling work”(Robbins, S. P., DeCenzo, D. A., & Coulter, M. K. (2013). The purpose statement provides a sound path for the company to go provided the department statements align with the