Earthquake Preparedness

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| Earthquake Preparedness | Public Administration | | Lorena Hedges | 9/18/2012 |

I will be discussing the needs of a budget and what supplies will be in the budget plan. Then you will read some about the shelter provided, population of the community, and damages caused by earthquakes. There will be information about the policy and procedures to follow for an earthquake and what challenges we have to face. The conclusion will be completed in the next phase. |

Earthquake Preparedness
There are three major consequences of an earthquake: injury to employees, customers and visitors; damage to property, the infrastructure of the area, and lifelines; and disruption of business operations (Crook, 1999). This is
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(Disater Relief Agencies, 2011). As you can see that there are many organizations that are willing to stand up and help out the community in need.
Earthquake Policy and Procedures Under the earthquake policy and procedures it is very important to have drills and make sure that the team is ready for the disaster to happen at any given time. Earthquake drills should take place at least every two months to make sure that you are prepared. You want to remember at home to stay inside, crouch in an inside corner away from an exterior wall, get under a desk or table, if you are outside stay away from buildings, and when in a car stop in an open area. There are direct hazards and indirect hazards to know about when it comes to earthquakes. You need to be ready for other impacts of earthquakes also. See the chart below for more understanding. Direct Hazards | Indirect Hazards | Other Impacts | Walls, bridges, buildings collapsing | Fires | Blockage or breakage of transport activities | Furniture falling, shattering glass, rubble and debris, and electric lines | Release of hazardous material | No or less water supply, and breakage of sewage disposal system | Broken gas lines, landslides, transportation casualties, release of hazardous materials | Electrocution and exacerbation of chronic diseases. | Loss of Utilities such as gas, electric,


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