The Range of Client Problems and the Helping Skills Used with Clients

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The Range of Client Problems and the Helping Skills Used with Clients
Christie Lynn Kainz
August 25, 2014
Karis Barnett

The Range of Client Problems and the Helping Skills Used with Clients
Buddha once said, “If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path”. The purpose of helping is to assist others in learning to overcome and/or cope with the problems they face in every day life. Those providing the help often do so to feel a sense of purpose by making a positive impact on other’s lives. In terms of human services, helping comes from working professionals who possess the knowledge and expertise to effectively provide services to those in need. In order to better understand the helping
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In order for the client to effectively manage environmental problems, a period of adjustment or change must occur.

Defining the Helping Skills Used with Clients
With an improved awareness of client problems, it will be easier to understand the types of specific helping skills human service professionals practice in the field.
The effectiveness of the helping process depends greatly on the skills of the helper… The helper’s ability to communicate an understanding of the client’s feelings, clarify what the problem is, and provide appropriate assistance to resolve the problem contributes to the effectiveness of the process (Woodside, McClam, 2011, p.194).
In order to achieve positive results, the human service professional must set aside their own personal desires to remain focused on the client. Building a foundation for a helping relationship begins with the professional because they have the acquired expertise to help a client successfully begin the process of change.
The skill that ultimately facilitates this change is communication. Effective communication involves listening and responding and is essential to the helping process. The human service professional must first have the ability to recognize both verbal and nonverbal forms of communication. Nonverbal communication generally hints to the thoughts and feelings that the client is incapable of expressing through words. Verbal communication is much


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