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Case 2: Customer Service Agent
Bill Ryan is a customer service agent for an online marketplace owned by EBay, Half .com. It allows for buyers to sell a vast range of products to potential buyers. Al though the concept of Half .com might seem to resemble that of EBay, it is not the same.
On products have fixed prices and buyers and sellers don’t interact directly since, the design of the website is quite self-explanatory with help pages that assist both the buyers and the sellers using the online
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It also allows for optimum utilization of human resources.
Employee Compensation although the case doesn’t give any details about employee salaries, they are provided with quarterly bonuses. According to the case, the employees are satisfied with their compensation. Hence, since the company is growing, and the employees perceive that they are being compensated fairly they might not mind taking on additional responsibilities. This will not only reduce monotony of tasks but, it will also prepare employees for future promotions.
Communication skills since the company, interacts with their clients only through email and occasionally the telephone it is important that they have good communication skills. As per the case, the company at present follows the “Grandma rule” while communicating with their clients. Therefore, the employee has to have effective communication skills in order to provide quality customer service to the clients.
Working conditions the employees also have to be willing to work in shifts on a rotatory basis, covering 8am to midnight, and 7 times a week.
Training programs it is clear from some instances in the case that the company also provides for some Training programs and seminars for employees from time to time. This includes the “Dealing with difficult people” seminar and in house training by the training supervisor Ed Miller.
Employee Feedback has realized that since the employees are in direct contact with their customers


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