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1. A broad view of Skinner’s view of the nature of people is that:
a. Children change because people love them
b. Children change because of their experiences
c. Children change because they can identify their emotions
d. Children change because their self-talk is modified

2. Reductionism refers to:
a. telescoping actions to the smallest, final source
b. telescoping people to their evolutionary continuity
c. telescoping people to their primary emotions
d. telescoping people to their automatic thoughts

3. Behavioral counseling is an:
a. Dream interpretive therapy
b. Script analysis therapy
c. Active, directive therapy
d. Evolutionary interpretive therapy

4. In behavioral therapy knowing the origins of psychological
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self-actualization needs.
b. reinforcement schedule.
c. baseline behavior.
d. setting events. 23. The primary focus of behavioral counseling is on teaching clients about:
a. determining unconscious motivations.
b. reinforcement and extinction.
c. becoming more comfortable with new behavior patterns.
d. better ways to meet their needs. 24. Presenting the stimulus very weakly and increasing it gradually while pairing it with a positive reinforcer is an example of:
a. aversion therapy and internal inhibition.
b. internal inhibition and counter conditioning.
c. desensitization and counter conditioning.
d. counter-conditioning and shaping.

25. Changing the balance of positive and negative consequences requires selecting an appropriate:
a. stimuli.
b. extinction.
c. schedule of reinforcement.
d. punishment. 26. A child who wears a rubber band around a wrist and snaps it each time she finds herself daydreaming instead of listening to the teacher is an example of:
a. negative reinforcement.
b. extinction.
c. desensitization.
d. aversive conditioning. 27. When behavior therapists advise teachers to "ignore a child's minor misbehavior and it will go away," they are counting on the process of:
a. extinction.
b. modeling.
c. desensitization.
d. Aversion. 28. Anxiety may be reduced by a method in which:
a. irrational thinking is disputed.
b. repressed conflicts are


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