The Scientific Method

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A young man by the name of Euthyphro involves himself in a conversation with the well known Socrates. During this conversation Euthyphro attempts to impose unrealistic beliefs concerning piety. Euthyphro is the plaintiff in a murder suit that he is filing against his very own father. Euthyphro believes that he has a case against his father, the reasons the young man comes up with does not sufficiently satisfy Socrates. This text is a great example of beliefs of a young man; against the wisdom and knowledge of older man. In the final analysis Socrates conversation with Euthyphro, smashes all of Euthyphro’s
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W. K. Clifford says that, the life of this person whom believes in faith and not fact based on evidence is committing one long sin against mankind. (Pojman/Rea 498) W. K. Clifford illustrates that belief is insufficient without evidence; Euthyphro by Plato illustrate strong belief in a young man by the name of Euthphro. Ironically in this text it is proven that what W. K. Clifford says about beliefs is right, Socrates smashes all or most of Euthphro’s belief towards the gods and himself. From the very beginning of this text the main character Euthphypro is discredited. Socrates said, “I hardly know him.” Socrates also spoke about the young man’s appearance in a demeaning way he said, “He has a beak, and long straight hair, and a beard which is ill grown.” When Socrates engaged in conversation with Euthyphro he did it with sarcasm. As this text unfolds Socrates and Euthyphro are involved in a conversation which deals with piety. Piety deals with civic duty, lifestyles that are according and pleasing to the gods and humanity. Booth Euthyphro and Socrates are involved in legal cases. Euthyphro was there as a plaintiff against his father in a murder case; and Socrates was there for being accused for impiety and facing a trial. After Socrates finds out why Euthyphro is bringing charges against his own father; it sets the stage for Socrates to


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