The Office Bully

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Yaidelyn Alonso
The Office Bully, by: Hawkins, K.
DeVry University Stephen Carter
September, 6, 2014

Some employers may be working with a bully, and not even know it. The Office Bully by Kathryn Hawkins mentions virtuous points of this concept. The issue with bullies is when you think you have escaped from them, they can ultimately return and become your boss. Although you may think they have potentially matured and progressed as people, they are actually still stagnant in an oppressing manner. In my opinion, they will use whatever power they have against you, especially if they become your boss. Kathryn Hawkins mentions alerting and effective arguments in this article. She mentions Carole’s
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2010), Conversely, what if that paycheck is providing shelter and food for ones family? Some people cannot afford to get up and abandon their finances and assets.
In retrospect, Kathryn Hawkins focuses on the bullying taking place in a site of work. It mentions the story of Carole, a publicist who was very happy with her job but as soon as a new gentleman become her manager, he soon became her bully as well. Most of Kathryn’s article was based on data calculated on experience from others and concrete research. We tend to generalize and automatically think that only men can b bullies but that is inaccurate. She provides us with evidence that 40 percent of women are bullies as well. Tips are obtainable in this article to help you deal with bullies in any career. It is understandable to give advice and state that if you are not happy or being treated how you should, then you should definitely find a different job. With the exception of some people do not have the luxury of waiting for a different job to come along. You have to make means however you can. Ultimately, the purpose of the article is to guide us how to correctly deal with bullies and how things should be handled the correct and precise way. Spreading the word on bullying and how it should be handled can save you a lot of inappropriate headaches.


Hawkins, K. (2010). The Office BULLY. Officepro, 70(3),


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