Eddie Rose Analysis Paper

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Eddie Rose Analysis Paper The Independence of Eddie Rose starts in a house on Indian reservation. The very first things we get see is the destructive house hold that Eddie Rose, his mother Katherine Rose, and little sister Theia live in. It is early in the morning and Katherine has just finished yelling and kicking out her boyfriend Lenny Sharb. After which Eddie is left alone with his mother where they get into a bit of an argument and Katherine tries to kiss Eddie. Katherine upset that Eddie did not want her goes to her room. Aunt Thelma comes over then we see Eddie packing a sack of food. Thelma told Eddie that he was lucky that he was getting to go to school, explained to him that she and Katherine never had that chance. At that …show more content…

Aunt Thelma tells Eddie that his grandma did not drink, yet she told Aunt Thelma to forget about her child when he was taken away, she did not deal with the pain with using alcohol. Another interesting cultural climate was the lack of culture. The characters were tired of being who they are they wanted to be out side of this place. In a way they wanted different lives; out side the reservation and the pain.

The political climate that I felt was the lack of authority. The only person in the play that was a good authority figure to Eddie and his sister was there Aunt Thelma and she could not be around them all the time. Eddies dad did not want him and abused him as a child then left, Lenny the adult had a drinking problem and only cared about having sex, his own mother made a move on Eddie, Sam Jacobs a guard at the jail was pedophile. So no matter where we look we can see that there is no one to help Eddie and guide him or assist him. The authority in the play only cares about its self. I understood this as the writer was making a point that the Indians who relied on the authority of America kept getting screwed over, much like the children in the play. The one time Eddie went to get help from the police, they came late. So we can see recurrent political climate of the lack of authority.

The economic climate in the play is dire. None of the characters were shown with jobs besides Sam the guard at the jail. Even Katherine her