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Chapter 3 - Listening
Listening at Work
1. Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives claimed, “They call me the Speaker, but they ought to call me the ___________.” A. Listener B. Moderator C. Facilitator D. Master of Ceremonies

2. Listening skill contributes to career success in all of the following aspects EXCEPT
A. your effectiveness in an organization
B. your upward mobility
C. your productivity
D. Effective listening skills contribute to all of these. 3. A survey of 1000 executives ranked _____________ at the top, as the ideal manager’s skill.
A. listening
B. conflict resolution
C. writing
D. public speaking

Barriers to Effective Listening
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When you are listening, hold back from making a wealth of comments.

Listening More Effectively: Listening to Understand
13. Which of the following is NOT suggested by the text as a technique for effective listening?
A. Avoid asking questions for clarification.
B. Turn off your cell phone ringer while you are interacting with others face-to-face.
C. Take notes to help you remember key points.
D. Attend to the sender’s nonverbal cues.

14. James and his classmates complain that their instructor doesn’t give clear instructions for their assignments. All of the following strategies could help these students EXCEPT
A. assuming that effective communication is always the sender’s responsibility
B. paraphrasing
C. asking clarification questions
D. taking notes

15. All of the following should be included in a telephone log except A. date and time the call was placed B. unsuccessful attempts to contact the person C. key points you and the other speaker made D. your evaluation of how sincere the other speaker was during the phone call

Listening More Effectively: Listening to Evaluate
16. An effective evaluative listener will ask all of the following questions except
A. “Do these ideas reinforce my current beliefs?”
B. “Do the examples represent the whole situation?”
C. “Are there any important exceptions that the


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