Walmart Research Paper

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I have chosen Wal-Mart Stores Inc for my final paper topic selection they are also known as WMT on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) . I am intrigued with their success but also scared about how dependant I have become with my shopping at their stores. This store is not only a retail giant it is also retail bully that forces other stores to go out of business. Wal-Mart not only specializes in retail items such as clothing, jewelry, lawn, and garden they also have super stores that specialize in pharmacy, groceries, auto repair, and check cashing in addition to the services mentioned above. The only other store that has similar retail items and services is Super K Mart which has seriously declined in retail status over the past 10 years. …show more content…
and to verify factory compliance with our Standards for Suppliers. Wal-Mart states they are committed to working with their suppliers and other stakeholders to accomplish these objectives and to address challenges with sustainable solutions. Wal-Mart has consistently strived to improve its reputation and their efforts have been increasingly recognized. For example, in the most recent quarterly Covalence ethical reputation index Wal-Mart was ranked third out of 35 retailers. Covalence is a private research institution that tracks the ethical reputation of multinational corporations by using 45 criteria to examine public information about the companies' efforts in the areas of labor standards, waste management, product social utility and human rights policy, among others.#
Wal-Mart offers many different products to suit every possible need of their customers. From automobile repair services to groceries to a variety of products in between, it is a one-stop shopping excursion for most of their customers. They also produce private label goods, such as Great Value, Sam's Choice, and Equate. Wal-Mart's private label brands goes directly from the assembly line to their store shelves. Eliminating the middle man helps them to offer inexpensive generic Wal-Mart store brand products. Wal-Marts marketing is done mostly by word of mouth from having low prices and having happy loyal customers giving them referrals. They also advertise on TV "Everyday low


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