Case Study 13: Leading Effecctive Teams

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Leading Effective Teams
Week 7
MG365 Organizational Behavior

Leading Effective Teams

Review of the Case
You work for Soda Can Company as Executive Director of Stores. Because your company is opening up a new store in 60 days, you have worked quickly to put together a strong team. While not all of the team members you have chosen have a lot of experience, they do have strong performance records. You have also chosen two or three newer employees to the company that have demonstrated eagerness and a desire to learn.
Although the store has been meeting its performance expectations since it opened, you have started receiving complaints from your seasoned staff members on the team about the story manager you selected. One of the
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Julie and the other employees notice it, but do not know how to approach the situation. This plays in the “helping and hindering roles.” This is normally found in teams such as this new Soda Company. According to the chart in the book (Figure 14-6), Jim’s behavior is S1 HT/LR. This means that Jim is establishing the company well like directed to. He is more “directive” about his behavior or also known as task behavior. Jim got the business started, was given clarification of the purpose he was supposed to achieve, was given certain goals, and definitely is maintaining direction, but not exactly in the way a leader should. On the other side, Jim is very aggressive with his fellow employees, which is not left unnoticed. He is criticizing statements that belittle his employees like, “I only shop at designer stores, don’t you?” (Case 13, Par 5). Jim is also bullying and attacking each personality of each employee like making statements about how he or she does not know the business or products. Jim is definitely dominating this team, making it in an ineffective team. As a new team, effective teamwork is important. The director put Jim in charge knowing he could do the job, but did not specify on doing the job right. Each member of the group should be aware of Jim’s behavior and let higher management know what is going on if this continues to happen. I am also going to track the performance of the employees due to the way each of