Summer Heights High Paper

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TO : Prof Thomas Mcquaid
FROM : Jackie Gonzalez
SUBJECT : Summer Heights High Project
DATE : February 28, 2014

Purpose: The purpose of this memo is to give detailed instructions on how to restructure the Austrian television show Summer Heights High to be appropriate, relatable and relevant to American audiences on the ABC Network.

Target Audience- The target audience for the American adaptation of Summer Heights High is going to to be male and females aged 20-34 that make up 20.9% of the total U.S. population, the penetration size will be the Americans aged 25-29 that have a college bachelors degree and are mature enough for certain types of references
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The comedy will not be raunchy or obscene. The script will not include curse words but may include racial slurs, in a non-derogatory way, and language that may be deemed as offensive. The jokes that the show will not have will be jokes about the mentally or physically disabled or of sexual preference. The jokes that will be included will be jokes on race, physical ability such as strength or weakness, male physique, social class, and more. The script will be risqué but in accordance with the Federal Communication Committee’s guidelines. Aside from the main character, which is white, other characters will be of various other races including Latino because of the 12.5% American population of Latinos and Black because of the 12.3% American population of Blacks. Instead of a division of private and public school there will be a division of larger state school and smaller schools. Summer Heights U is going to be set in the outskirts of Los Angeles. USC is also located in Los Angeles and therefore in episodes the Summer Heights U will try to have the same caliber football team, large school feeling but will never be able to be like USC because the Summer Heights U football team is terrible. Los Angeles was chosen because of it populations’ size and number of colleges in California and the abundance of the target market and the total population of California makes up 2.9% of the United States total.

Characters- The main three characters


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