Learned Business Concepts from “in Good Company”

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Learned Business Concepts from “In Good Company”
Monica Howell
LED 603 Organizational Leadership

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Evaluating and developing effective leadership styles and techniques is invaluable within an organization. Many lessons and developmental principles can be learned by reviewing potential successes and failures within companies. Understanding these lessons and proper use business concepts is imperative to the overall growth and development of any organizations. Some of these principles, such as the complexities of leadership styles, organizational direction and business ethics, can be seen within the movie “In Good Company”.

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Learned Business Concepts from “In
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It is very evident that Teddy K is a very ego-maniacal leader. He is really out of control. He uses double-speak, catch phrases and pep rally type meetings to wow his employees. Many of his direct managers have simply become “Yes Men”. They just walk around and tell him how he is such a great leader. This is an example of the decision making process known as groupthink (Natemeyer & McMahon, 2001, pp. 202-203).
There are also problems within the Sports America Magazine. The organization is very comfortable. It seems to be an organization that is not challenging its’ associates to try new concepts to expand the business. The business was intact and doing well but the organization is getting to a point of stagnation. The magazine most likely would decrease in their overall advertising clientele and trend towards a decline in revenue. Recognizing the importance of the growth and development of Sports Americas advertising clients is imperative to the success of the organization. They must focus on continuing current advertising relationships and develop strategies to gain new ones.
For the organization to continue to grow and develop executive leadership must continually be developing new talent. Dan displays tremendous leadership skills within the organization. Authentic
Business Concepts 6 leaders generally desire to serve others through their leadership. They are guided by qualities of the heart as well as qualities of the mind


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