The Movie "Radio" Analysis

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Radio, Film analysis

The dramatic and uplifting movie “Radio” starring Cuba Gooding JR. and Ed Harris, is based on the true life story of James Robert Kennedy, a k a Radio; a mentally retarded young African-American who spends his days pushing a shopping cart around the streets of Anderson, a small South Carolina town, collecting junk and old radios.
The movie starts with the heartbreaking scene of Radio pushing his cart around the town, in his own little world; people are ignoring him, and a lady pulls her daughter out of the way, running towards the opposite sidewalk. Every day Radio walks by the school, watching the football team training. While lingering by the fence of the high school football field one afternoon, the boy catches
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Coach Jones decides to step down as a coach, but continues to teach and keep an eye on Radio, who decided to stay another year in 11th grade. The movie “Radio” isn't just about its title character and the obstacles he overcomes, but also about how everyone else can benefit. In one uplifting moment, Coach Jones states, "the truth is, we're not the ones that have been teaching Radio - Radio's the one that's been teaching us". The movie ends with scenes from real games where the real Radio , now in his fifties, is still dancing on the high school’s football field, people cheering for him. The great gap between the Radio at the beginning of the movie, where people ignored him, or were afraid of him, was slowly filled with love and compassion, to the point where he becomes the town’s hero in a way. Once the town becomes aware of Jones' goal, it too strives to make a difference in Radio's life, only to find that this challenged, yet determined boy will make a far greater difference in the lives of everyone. The story encompasses a profound, stirring realization that anyone can see if they would only open their eyes. This movie is an eye opener to the challenges that people with disabilities face, and it brings awareness and sensibility among those who


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