Two Different Ways of Innovating with Information Technology

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Two Different Ways of Innovating with Information Technology

The New York Times and Boston Scientific :
Two Different Ways of Innovating with Information Technology 1. As stated in the case, The New York Times chose to deploy their innovation support group as a shared service across business units. What do you think this means? What are the advantages of choosing this approach? Are there any disadvantages?
Shared services have long been seen as a supporting unit for the rest of the business with limited impact outside of the bottom line. However, companies and directors of shared services face mounting pressure to make significant contributions other than to the bottom line.
Growth and innovation, two of the most critical issues
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That is regularly monitor who’s accessing what, and adjust permissions as business conditions change.
Over the past few years, engineers have been focused on quality system improvements. Boston Scientific is piloting Invention Machines’s Goldfire software, which provides the right mix of openness and security for data.
Goldfire makes an automated workflow out such tasks as analyzing markets and milking a company’s intellectual property. It combines internal company data with information frompublic sources, such as federal government databases.
Researchers can use the software to find connections among different sources, for instance by highlighting similar ideas. Engineers can use such analysis to get ideas for new products and begin to study their feasibility. The goal is to have any engineer be able to access any other engineer’s research.
Although the goal is more openness , not all data stay open forever. For example, as a project gets closer to the patent application stage to the data about it is clipped to fewer people.
Since installing Goldfire patent apllicationare up compared to similar engineering groups that do not use the Goldfire tool.
With this new system, researchers and engineers should be given an understanding of work systems, procedural, and the provisions and restrictions that apply regarding accessibility to the data. Application of this can be done through support by the executives at the company and also through


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