Launching of Bmw Z3 Roadster -Case Study Report

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Launching the BMW Z3 Roadster


BMW, a German automobile manufacturer, known for its German engineering and quality, had established itself as a strong brand in the luxury/performance segment in U.S.A. However due to increasing competition from car makers such as infinity, Lexus, Acura, its sales dropped during the period mid 80’s to late 90’s .
The case deals with the launch, of the now infamous BMW Z3 roadster, a car that revolutionized and rejuvenated the boring American motor industry back in the mid 1990's. The case talks about the successful first phase launch of this new drop top beauty. It focuses on the customers and how they suddenly picked up the marketing cues and stories
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Ans: Non Traditional Marketing

1.) To blend car into an American individual and change their mindset about BMW
2.) To create huge buzz on people's daily events and to get car on people's conversational agenda
3.) Leverage another brand to promote own brand (BMW Z3)
4.) Leveraging the uproar in the market that would give broader interest and attention to the brand
Development of Cult Brand

1.) Changing the image of BMW from status symbol to ultimate driving machine

Increase effectiveness of supply chain management through efficient mechanisms

1.) Six month gap between launch and Z3 dealership availability to build cars to exact customer’s specifications.
2.) Activities like radio integration, internet promotion to increase dealer traffic and persuade them to buy new models of BMW.

Multi Media Approach

1.) Promotion through multimedia communication strategy, reinforcing all elements involved
2.) Sending out requests of proposal to only those that were capable of pulling unconventional campaigns to achieve company goals

Q.2 What benefits and risks McDowell received by following Non Traditional marketing?
Ans: Benefits – * Greater Impact and adds more credibility to the campaign. * Wider audience was reached. * Persona Match with James Bond’s Character added new feel to the