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In the past, doctors have been diagnosing problems associated with the small intestine-such as cancer, ulcers and polyps-by using X-rays or exploratory surgery. These techniques are both unpleasant and painful, as is surgery.
The advancement of our technology today has lead to its effective use and application to the medical field. One effective and purposeful application of the advancement of technology is the process of endoscopy, which is used to diagnose and examine the conditions of the gastrointestinal tract of the patents. It has been reported that this process is done by inserting an 8mm tube through the mouth, with a camera at one end, and images are shown on nearby monitor, allowing the medics to carefully guide it
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Study results showed that the camera pill was safe, without any side effects, and was able to detect abnormalities in the small intestine, including parts that cannot be reached by the endoscope. The tiniest endoscope yet takes 30 two-megapixel images per second and offloads them wirelessly. See how it works inside the body in animation. Pop this pill, and eight hours later, doctors can examine a high-resolution video of your intestines for tumours and other problems, thanks to a new spinning camera that captures images in 360 degrees. Developed by the Japanese RF System Lab, the Sayaka endoscope capsule enters clinical trials in the U.S. this month.
The patient gulps down the capsule, and the digestive process begins. Over the next eight hours, the pill travels passively down the oesophagus and through roughly 20 to feet of intestines, where it will capture up to 870,000 images. The patient feels nothing. Power up:
The Sayaka doesn’t need a motor to move through your gut, but it does require 50 mill watts to run its camera, lights and computer. Batteries would be too bulky, so the cam draws its power through induction charging. A vest worn by the patient contains a coil that continuously transmits power. Start snapping:
When it reaches the intestines, the Sayaka cam begins capturing 30 two megapixel images per second (twice the resolution of other pill cams). Fluorescent and white LEDs in the pill illuminate the tissue


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