Ethics Leadership Comparison Matrix Paper

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Comparison Matrix Paper Ethics Leadership Jennifer M. Howard Grand Canyon University: LDR 800 February 22, 2012

INTRODUCTION This paper compares three empirical articles about ethical leadership practices that relate to the use of ethical power, authority, persuasion, and/or motivation. Article one was entitled “The relationship between ethical leadership and core job characteristics” and written by Ronald F. Piccolo, Rebecca Greenbaum, Deanne N. Den Hartog, and Robert Folger (2010). The second article was entitled “Impact of Ethical Leadership and Leader-Member Exchange on Whistle Blowing:
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In article one and three a common limitation was found. The common method bias was a limitation stated in both articles one and three. Article one’s limitation was that the participants selected which co-workers got the opportunity to rate their work behaviors. This practice could possibly lead to positive bias. Article two was the use of the same method of data collection. To avoid this they separated the data collection procedures into to Time sections. The limitation of article one was the possibility of causality among the primary concepts by the cross-sectional design. One limitation for article two was the use of only on type of respondents which were engineers. Perceptions of the target group may reflect results. Another is that the use of vignettes. Other methodologies should be used such as videotapes, photographs, and live enactments. In article three the lack of additional variables and relatively small effect sizes was a limitation. Another limitation was the lack of an experimental research design. Finally, external validity was a limitation. The researchers recruited heterogeneous participant populations to enhance generalizability. The three articles had different conclusions. An article one conclusion is that effort and task significance mediated relationships between subordinates’ job performance and ethical leadership. An article two conclusion is that the relationship


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