The Main Contemporary Issue Faced by Manager with the Expansion of Technology

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The Main Contemporary Issue faced by Manager with the expansion of Technology


In many industries, superior technology integration - the approach used to choose and refine the technologies employed in a new product, process, or service - is the key to achieving superior productivity and speed, and superior products. Access to great research is still immensely important, but if a company selects technologies that don't work well together, it can end up with a product that is hard to manufacture, is late getting to market, and does not fulfill its envisioned purpose.

Technology integration has become much more important - and challenging - for obvious reasons. The number of technologies from which companies can choose
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True, management strata are fewer, product life-cycles shorter, dress and manners more casual. But that hardly adds up to a revolution. Read that anniversary issue of the HBR, and you sense that these tentative steps will have to be overtaken by giant strides - and quite soon. Thus, for all the headlong advance in IT, as Peter Drucker points out, 'approximately 90% or more of the information any organisation collects is about inside events.' If you think that can create victory, think again. Mark the words of Paul Saffo:
'Increasingly, a winning strategy will require information about events and conditions outside the institution: non-customers, technologies other than those currently used by the company and its present competitors, markets not currently served, and so on. That information may already exist: harvesting the data and, still more, making sense of the crop has been the essence of the alleged "information overload."'
The problem is not just the mass of information, but its management. The argument goes back all the way to 1966; only now the issue isn't managing costly hardware and expensive software, but managing incredibly cheap information to achieve enriching results - or to avoid impoverishment. Only consider the sad story of Encyclopaedia Britannica, whose sales halved in half-a-dozen years in front of the onslaught


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