Proj587 Course Project rough draft b

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Portfolio Management Plan
Angel Carrasquilla
Martin Gonzalez
Tamyka Lee
Terrol Barrett
Alonso Ramirez

Professor Burton
May 29, 2015

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Organizational Strategic Plan 3
Strategic Action Plan 6
Organizational Capacity Plan 6
Portfolio Management Processes 7
Project Selection Criteria 8
Program Management Plan 10
Change Management Plan 14
Bibliography 17

Executive Summary

Carnival is “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line” with 24 “Fun Ships” operating voyages ranging from three to 16 days in length to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, New England, Europe, and Bermuda. Carnival’s success is attributed to its marketing program directed towards
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Carnival had to make adjustments to use a lower sulphur fuel, which in term raises the price of fuel and overall operating costs. Carnival may have to deal with a significant increase in fuel prices.

Bad Press & Terrorism

In 2009 three passengers fell off from carnival ships on a three week period, this of course generated some bad press for Carnival cruises, that same year carnival hit a record high with a total of 22 incidents of passengers falling overboard. Up until December 2009, Carnival was not required to report such incidents, but it is required since, there events reflect negatively on the company and the industry.

In December 2008, terrorist attacks by Somali pirates on the Carnival owned Oceania cruise ship. The ship sped away and no one was injured, but the threat of terrorism and pirates overtaking cruise ships is a concern for companies in this industry, and also negatively affect consumers’ perceptions of cruising Strategic Action Plan

The focus of Carnival Cruise Lines strategic action plan is for the company to keep growing and keep taking over other cruise companies in order o become the biggest and largest player in the industry.
Being one of the world’s largest cruise operators, with a large fleet capacity and operating 11 of the most recognizable cruise brand names, Carnival continues to conquer the cruise markets around the world by being the company that has the largest fleet in the group, with 24