Managing Organization and Leading People

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Date: October 30th 2014
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Task 1: ORGANIZATION AND LEADERSHIP ANALYSIS 0 Organization Overview 2 Organization Description 3 Leadership Practices 4 Relationship between Leadership and Organizational Culture 7 SWOT Analysis 8 Organizational Strength 8 Organizational Weaknesses 9 Organizational Opportunities 10 Organizational Threats 10 Leadership Evaluation 11 Leadership Strengths 11 Leadership Weaknesses 13 Recommendations for Leadership Development 14

Organization Overview
Organizational overview provides a framework of the organization. It would ideally be a
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The strategic objectives of the firm are summarized as follows: * Optimization of the server utilization. * Determine to achieve cost savings for cloud computing that caters to the clients and facilitates the transitioning of capital expenditures to operational expenditures. * It should focus on the dynamic scalability of information technology power for clients. * Should be determined to shorten the life cycle development of new applications or deployment actions. * Focusing on shortening the time and effort requirements for new business implementations altogether. * Ensuring that the working environment creates an energizing and a positive environment to the people, in order to maintain productivity and commitment not only to his customers but also to the employees.
All these initiatives taken by the organization over the years have helped in maintaining its position in the market and ensured its success with time. It is known the commitment to customers, partners, and the communities they serve and for the dynamic culture their employees have built together. It has been ranked by Fortune in the top 20 companies of the world to work with (Denning, 2011).
Leadership Practices has not only succeeded in becoming the leading enterprise in connected cloud computing and CRM activities, but it has also been seen as an organization that has produced leaders in


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