Marketing Plan for Samsung

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has proved to the world of business that they are one of the most advanced technology companies in terms of revenue. With more advancement in the technology which the present market can handle at this point, Samsung has made the way for the future in electronics industry. It is the largest mobile phone maker and television manufacturer.
Samsung’s New Toy
One of the most popular new “toys” in the electronics market today, is the unbelievable 3D TV. First 3D TV was launched in 2010 March, and has already had a significant impact on the electronics market (Wilson, 2010). With release earlier this year, Samsung has dominated the market, controlling approximately 90% of the total share. One
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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. can explore the market in the nations where the economy is still developing and the market of smart phones is growing. For example India. Samsung took advantage of being very popular in India, that its market share was higher than the other competitors. India became the fastest growing smartphone market in the world (Velayanika, 2014). Growing demand for the processor application. The market is still growing for the processor applications. Samsung is one of the key manufacturers of application processors for smartphones and tablets (Guardian, 2012). Because of the high demands for these products, they will need the best quality application processors, which only Samsung can provide. Growth of tablets market. Tablets market is expected to increase rapidly the next few years. Samsung Electronics Company has been very popular in tablets market, thus if they introduce newer and better quality models, it will expand their profit margin (Wikipedia, 2012).

Threats The Company faces challenges on a daily basis which might be from the competitors and various other factors and thus the company has constant threats from various sources which the company has to face on a daily basis. Some of the threats to the company are listed below. Saturation of the smart phones market in the economy. The smart phones market in the developed economies is saturated and the


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