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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Canada Subin Panta Liberty University

Canada is Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world with population over 30 million. Canada’s two largest and most important industries are logging and oil. The eight dimensions of business culture in Canada and the differences with US. Things to consider for US business retailers who wants to expand to Canada. How the free trade agreement between US and Canada started and settled into NAFTA. The investor wanted to invest in Canada can get benefit from NAFTA provisions. Canada has bilateral trade agreements between, European Union and Asia. SWOT analysis of doing business in Canada

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These practices are widely accepted in developing countries. But it has been practiced by the business officers from the developed countries to get the positive result for doing business in the developing countries. Canada didn’t have regulatory governing bodies like US securities and Exchange commissions and foreign corrupt practice acts till 1996. Canada’s business ethics have been frame worked by broader socio-political and socio-economic factors. In order to satisfy the growing concerns from US and Europe, Canadian business ethics evolved. It has been shaped by pressures from Canadian society, share ownership from churches, responsible institutions, ethical investors, self-interest of executives. Canadian citizens concern in health, conscience, the environment and the good corporate governance has helped to shape the business ethics. As Canada’s economy became dependent in global market, people became more aware of the ethics in business places. (Brooks, 1997). The ethical investors who wish to invest which reflect their value screen their investment portfolio to make sure they don’t violate environmental, health laws. (Brooks, 1997) The group like social audits by the United Church of Canada, Task Force on Churches and Corporate Responsibilities (TCCR) and Fairvest Securities Corporations are most significant ethical investing firms in Canada. Also the development of regulatory centers like Canadian Center


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