The Creative Curriculum

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Creative curriculum

I. Introduction: Creative curriculum A.) Description of what is Creative Curriculum

II. Theories and research behind Creative Curriculum A.) Maslow B.) Erikson C.) Piaget D.) Smilansky E.) Vygotsky F.) Gardner

III. How children learn and develop A.) Areas of development 1.) Social/Emotional 2.) Physical 3.) Cognitive 4.) Language B.) Individual differences

IIII. The learning environment A.) Setting and maintaining the classroom B.) Establishing a structure for each day C.) Creating a classroom community

V. What the children learn A.) Literacy (Reading) B.) Math C.) Science (Discovery) D.) The Arts (Art, Dance, Dramatic play, Music)

VI. Teacher's role
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The areas are divided for clarity but are closely related and often overlap. Social-emotional development during the preschool years is about socialization, which is the process by which children learn the values and the behaviors accepted by society. It is also about becoming a competent and confident person. The creative curriculum's first three goals associated with social-emotional development, are achieving a sense of self, taking responsibility for self and others, and behaving in a pro- social way. Physical development includes children's gross and fine motor skills. Physical development is sometimes taken for granted in the early childhood classroom because it is often assumed that it happens automatically. Not only is this assumption untrue, but teachers need to remember that physical development is just as important to learning as every other area of development. Physical education in every stage support children's academic achievement, general heath, self-esteem, stress management, and social development. Cognitive development refers to the mind and how it works. It involves how children think, how they see the world, and how they use what they have learned. The three main goals that creative
Creative curriculum

curriculum have set for cognitive development are; learning, and problem solving, thinking logically, representing, and


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