Cu1565 Promote Creativity and Creative

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CU1565 Promote Creativity and Creative
Learning in Young Children

1.1 - Analyse the differences between creative learning and creativity.

Creative learning is about how children are actively involved in their own learning, and their ability to make choices and decisions. This can be achieved through providing a creative environment, allowing exploration through play and praising creative efforts.
Creativity is about risk taking and making connections, allowing children to explore and express themselves through a variety of media or materials including, dance, music, making things, drawing, painting and make believe and to make new things emerge as a result. Being creative is strongly linked to play and can emerge through a
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If children are allowed to place furniture where they want to or move things from outdoors, indoors or vice versa they will start to make connections between things more easily.
Providing opportunities by making the environment stimulating, safe and rewarding will encourage the children to learn through play.
3.2 - Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of aspects of the environment in supporting young children's creativity and creative learning.

When evaluating an environment to assess its effectiveness in supporting creativity in children you have to ask yourself a few questions. These include: • Is it bright and welcoming? • Are there displays on the wall that are age appropriate, bright, appealing and relevant to the children’s work? • Is the children’s work displayed? • Is there a good variety of equipment and is it accessible to the children? • Are the children engaged and is that engagement sustained? • Does the environment inspire you?

The Maples Base Room The Maples room is bright and the staff offer a warm welcome upon entering. The displays on the wall are colourful and appealing but as they were made by an older age range of children they are neither appealing nor relevant to the current children's interests. The room lacks displays of work completed by the current children as they have only recently moved into the room. Due to this fact the children find the variety of equipment and the