Biblical Foundations

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Biblical Foundations

Dana Conley


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Biblical Foundations
Curriculum development is establishing a plan of what a school is going to teach during a school year. The time frame of the curriculum can vary from a quarter to a semester to even being taught the entire school year.
Wayne (2010) suggests that each individual’s personal biblical worldview impacts each person in their beliefs and opinions about curriculum development differently. The stance taken by this individual is that of trying to see things in the manner that God would want. God is all knowing and being all knowing, He knows what is best in all things at all times. The Bible says:
“For by
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We sit back and think that if we just ignore what is going on, then it will just go away. Instead of that, things have gotten worse and even our young children and adults are beginning to believe that what is taking place is alright. No prayer in school, it is the holiday break not Christmas break, it is spring break not Easter. A worldview is what we develop because of what is going on around us. Many do not even realize that their worldview is being formed or altered. When asked what their worldview is, many cannot even explain it, let alone tell you where their view came from.
Today’s Christian society needs to step up and take a stance on what needs to be taught within our public schools. Many in our Christian society have pulled their children out of the public school system to either put them into private Christian schools or to homeschool them. Although this is not wrong, it is not accurate either.
The government of today has been shaped and is being shaped by the beliefs of many different religions. “The U.S. was the first western nation to be founded predominately by Protestants — not Roman Catholics. That fact alone expresses America’s willingness to experiment with the novel and a defiance of tradition. Its history includes the emergence of utopian experiments, religious fanaticism, and opening the door to such exotic religions as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Taoism. Such has been the winding road of religious evolution


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