The Fundamental Principles of Environmental Science

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The Fundamental Principles of Environmental Science
Jessica Cameron
ENV 100
August 5, 2013
Andrew Walsh

The Fundamental Principles of Environmental Science

Environmental science is defined as an interdisciplinary field that combines the scientific information from several disciplines not limited to biology, geology, physics and economics (Berg & Hagar, 2009, p. 1.5) to understand and influence the environment. The reason that environmental science is so important is because it brings to light the damage done to the earth and the things that can be done to help the earth find and maintain sustainability through future generations.
One of the things that affect the sustainability of the planet is technology. The
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In 1906 Congress pushed a bill that would give them the rights to declare national forests instead of the President. President Roosevelt signed the bill into law after designating several more forests as national forests. This began the movement of conservation. In 1916 the national park service was created by congress to manage and protect the national parks (Berg & Hagar, 2009). Ever since the first Earth Day in 1970, people have been more focused on the needs of the earth.
Humans are exposed to environmental hazards every day. One of these hazards that feel close to home for me is asthma. Environmental triggers in the air such as pollen, dust, furry pets or even fresh cut grass affect my ability to breathe. Another hazard that humans are exposed to in the environment is Mold. Mold is a natural antibiotic but when inhaled can cause respiratory problems for humans ("Indoor Mold and Effects on Health", 2011). Aside from respiratory problems, chemicals in the environment, both manmade and natural, can negatively affect human health. Waterborne bacteria can cause illnesses like Cholera and Dysentery making humans ill (Berg & Hagar, 2009).
In conclusion, humans have had drastic impact on environmental sustainability. Environmental scientists work to solve the environmental problems and hazards we face now as well as the ones that may affect the future. Humans should work together to maintain stability


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